A New Venture for an Experienced CEO

CFC Marketing Interviews

Today I sat down with our CEO, to ask her about Fertility Advisors, and why the move to launch this brand?

Here’s what Leia Swanberg had to say about Fertility Advisors, Fertility Clinics, and why she is opening up about the Successes and Failures she has had with her clients.

Leia, so why did you decide to launch Fertility Advisors?

For me, Fertility Advisors was a necessity in the marketplace. I was seeing clients come to us, and saying things like, “I’ve been with my Fertility Dr for 5 years, I can’t leave him, I just can’t move clinic’s”. For me that is the hardest part of my job, telling a client that after 5 years, if the Dr hasn’t gotten you pregnant, there is a problem! I want to always be positive with clients, but sometimes the hard Truth is anything but positive.

What makes Fertility Advisors different from an ob/gyn simply referring a patient to a Fertility Specialist?

After 10 years in this industry, I have heard it all, from My Ob/gyn suggested XY Clinic, he says its convenient location, and “nice” Dr will make me feel comfortable”, to “Well I don’t know about their success rates, or cost, but I’ve had clients come back pregnant, so that’s good enough for me”. During your 90 Minute consultation with me, we will talk about What makes a Good Clinic, How to decipher success rates, and what questions need to be asked in order to find the Right Dr for you.

What has been the hardest advice you have had to give?

It was after several appointments with a set of Intended Parents that I realized that Husband and Wife weren’t on the same page regarding building their family. I had to step well outside of my comfort zone, and suggest that they enter counseling, and take a 3 month break from Surrogacy. Three Months later, the Intended Mom came back on her own, realizing that her husband in fact didn’t want children. It wasn’t the advice that was hard to give. It was the realization that their marriage wasn’t salvageable, as she wanted kids, and he didn’t. She went on to have three kids through our Surrogacy program, and is Happy with the decisions she made, so all in all a great outcome!

What do most Intended parents struggle with when coming to Fertility Advisors?

The toughest part, aside from the emotional aspects of a Fertility journey, which are by far the toughest, are the financial aspects of moving forward. We often spend time educating our clients on how to optimize every dollar they have, by looking at HSA’s for tax savings, to Drug plans that may cover some of the fertility medications, and Shared Risk, or Success Guarantee Programs offered by many US fertility clinics. It is so important to look beyond the price tag of a Fertility clinic, and to focus on How Success will come to you!

Why do so many people give the advice, “Go on vacation, Just relax. That’s when you will get pregnant”?

I honestly don’t understand why people say this. In my mind it is the equivalent of saying, Oh I’m sorry about your cancer diagnosis. Why don’t you take a holiday, or relax, to cure your cancer. It literally makes no sense at all.
During our sessions I do often suggest Yoga, or other Mindfullness programs to help with the stress that may be occurring Due to one’s fertility issues, or to create a self care practice that will be key to keeping yourself grounded during your fertility treatment, and ongoing pregnancy.

Thank you Leia, is there anything else you would like to tell potential clients about your programs, and services?

We are here to help! Our services are open to those commited to becoming parents, regardless of age, sexual orientation, marital status, or gender. We want to help you build or add to your family, In whatever way makes most sense for you. There is no cookie cutter way to become a parent, and we will help you every step of the way.