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Fertility Advisors

Your Consultation

During your consultation with Leia, you will go through a patented process she has created to assess your needs as clients and as future patients of a clinic. After 90 minutes together, she will begin personalizing a plan for you, present to you all of your best options, and introduce you to the clinic you have selected together. A custom created roadmap for your journey to parenthood. All within 30 days of your first meeting.

Making It Happen

We will make the introductions and facilitate your plan to ensure a smooth and comfortable start to your journey.  From finding the right Reproductive Endocrinologist to the best professionals you need within the industry, Fertility Advisors is here to help you build your family, your way!

Confidential & Compassionate

We do everything with the utmost respect for our clients, and their privacy. We understand each client has a unique situation and that it can be very difficult to speak openly. Be confident that with us, you will have a partner that is looking out for your best interests.

Nothing is Impossible

There is a solution for every situation. After a decade in the Fertility Industry, Leia Swanberg has experience with every unique situation, nothing is impossible. We look forward to creating your custom fertility journey today!