Infertility Facts

1 in 6

Canadians struggle with infertility,
resulting in…


of the population looking to alternative means of reproduction to build their family.

40% is female-factor infertility

30% is male-factor infertility

30% is joint infertility or unexplained

These percentages do not include those who are unable to conceive children because of:

  • sexual orientation or gender identification
  • hereditary genetic disease, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, or HIV positive risk factors
  • uterine fibroids, absence of uterus, other gynecological issues, or loss of fertility to cancer
  • chronic pregnancy loss
  • relationship status
  • career or age factors


of Canadians have access to publicly funded IVF


59% of Canadians cite cost as a barrier to proceeding with the treatment they need.

Canadians from every demographic and economic group will require fertility treatment to build their family.