Lobbying Efforts

In 2017, Fertility Advisors began lobbying the amend the AHRA (Assisted Human Reproduction Act) to decriminalize the payment of surrogacy and gamete donation in Canada, along with numerous other Canadian fertility agencies, lawyers, physicians, surrogates, egg donors and parents through surrogacy.

Senate Reading on Bill to Decriminalize Surrogacy & Gamete Donation:


Canadian Law

Surrogacy and egg donation in Canada are legal, but providing compensation is prohibited under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA). Canadian surrogates or gamete donors can, however, be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses they incur as a result of the pregnancy or donation—this is known as altruistic.

The Facts & Figures

Surrogacy and gamete donation are methods of assisted reproduction that help people conceive, start or expand a family. While current legislation in Canada permits altruistic surrogacy and gamete donation, the prohibition against payment and the penalties are outdated for today’s Canadian families.

1 in 6

Canadians struggle with infertilty,
resulting in…


of the population looking to alternative means of reproduction to build their family.

Studies showed that surrogates do not have difficulty relinquishing a baby and the majority feel empowered by the surrogacy experience.


of anonymously surveyed surrogates and gamete donors agreed with the altruistic model but supported decriminalization.

Under the AHRA, intended parents can face up to:

10 years

in prison


in fines

Surrogacy in Canada:


infants born to gestational surrogates in 2013


gestational surrogate IVF cycles between 2008–2012

Sperm Donation in Canada

Prior to the AHRA in 2004,
there were approximately 20 sperm banks across Canada.

Today, Canada currently has only:


national sperm bank


sperm donors any given year to service the reproductive needs of the entire country


of the sperm used in Canada is imported from the United States, where compensation is permitted

Lobbying Efforts

Day on the Hill

Lobby to Amend the AHRA

On December 5, 2017, Fertility Advisors was joined by numerous fertility agencies, egg donation agencies, fertility lawyers, physicians, Canadian surrogates and parents through surrogacy to lobby on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on amending the AHRA to decriminalize the payment of surrogacy and gamete donation in Canada.

Press Conference

Lobby to Amend the AHRA

On March 27, 2018 we joined Liberal MP Anthony Housefather in a press conference to discuss the need for the decriminalization of surrogacy and gamete donation in Canada. We also discussed plans to introduce a private member’s bill which will begin to address the issue affecting thousands of Canadians.

Joining us in support of the decriminalization of payment to surrogates and gamete donation:

  • Dr. Clifford Librach, president elect of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society and medical director of CReATe Fertility Centre
  • Cindy Wasser, barrister and solicitor from Hope Springs Fertility Law and parent through surrogacy
  • Alex McNab, attorney and parent through surrogacy
  • Jan Silverman, counsellor and advocate for infertility patients
  • Anita Vandenbeld, MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus and an international expert on democracy and human rights
  • Julie Dzerowicz, Member of Parliament
  • Canadian surrogates and egg donors


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